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PKF in Spain is composed by all the companies included in the section “Who we are“, which are member firm of the PKF International Limited network of legally independent firms. PKF International Limited is a network of legally independent firms, both in terms of ownership, operation, management and responsibility, in which each member firm accepts no responsibility for the actions or lack thereof by any other firm or member firms of the network. With representation in around 125 countries, PKF International Limited is a highly ranked worldwide network of legally independent member firms, member of the “Forum of Firms” and whose members have as their primary mission to provide its customers the highest shares of added value through its extensive local and international experience in auditing, accounting and business advisory services, legal and tax wherever in the world.


Barcelona,  Calle Aribau, 170 – 6º 3ª
(08036 Barcelona)
Phone:  (+34) 93 414 59 28
Fax (+34) 93 414 02 48
Contact person: Félix Pérez Aragunde
Madrid, C/ Orense, 81, 7ª
(28020 Madrid)
Phone:  (34) 91 556 11 99  Fax (34) 91 556 96 22
Contact person: Santiago González,
Jose Miguel Calleja.

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EMEI Regional Meeting

Bilbao, Spain. 01-03 May 2019

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